July 30, 2019

Repeating Myself

I just realized that I’ve posted the same comment twice within the past 8 months. Maybe I need to find a better way to keep track of phone numbers (now I’ve said it three times).

I’ve been trying to make updates and changes to my blog. I had lost the photo gallery integration so I’ve been looking for something to replace a very outdated piece of code. I have found something but the time it’s going to take to transfer everything is not something I have to spare.

I added a feed to the Facebook page for the Wiesbaden High School HH Arnold Alumni Association’s announcement for the all-classes reunion. I probably shouldn’t keep it there, it just reminds me of something I won’t be able to do. I received a personal email from the individual organizing the Rhine River cruise, he had stopped by my other website, he was wondering if I was a computer genius or had lots of training. I had to tell him it’s neither. If I were smart enough I would have figured out how to make more money, instead, I spend too much time helping others without billing them. That will explain why I don’t have enough time (or money) for myself.

I’ve also added a different Twitter feed app. The old one stopped working and is no longer supported. I really liked how it would create posts from my “tweets”. Twitter lets me “scribble” down a random thought that pops in my head.

I still haven’t written the blog post I wanted to write about my thoughts on the “Butterfly Effect”. I need to make an appointment with my Veterans Service Officer. Maybe he can find the paperwork for my Air Force Commendation Medal. It’s hard to prove something that was sent to you after being discharged.

So many things on a to-do list that starts with “If I had more time”.

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