June 24, 2019

Eventful Trip

I am so far behind on my blog posts. I have a couple of topics cued up but just haven’t written the post for them yet.

The evening before I was flying out to San Diego for the Miva Conference, I was rushing around the house trying to get everything packed and ready to go. I came down the stairs and rounded the corner to the living room when somehow I managed to catch my left foot between the three foot tall cat stand and the wall/door frame to the living room.

I felt that immediate “crack” but continue toward the kitchen past the couch all the while saying all the Lenten appropriate words I could think of. As the wave of nausea past I knew what I had done. It was another one of my klutz toe breaking moves. I decided to “sleep on it.”

In the morning I saw that two toes on my left foot were bruised and swollen. I truly debated putting on my walking boot but the memories of a TSA pat down still lingered in my mind. I am an “expert” at buddy taping but this would be a challenge. Both the little toe and the one next to it needed to be stabilized. I managed to get them secured. The next challenge would be getting a shoe on. I wouldn’t have to take it off since I was at least TSA Pre-Check. I found a rather worn pair of shoes, pulled the inserts out and manged to get the shoe on my foot.

You can use you imagination to visualize me trying to get from one gate to the next in Atlanta. I hobbled as fast as I could. The airlines were accommodating, allowing me to pre-board which was a good thing with Delta’s cheap seats – I was at the back of the “bus”. Delta had assigned me an aisle seat which would have put my foot close to the “danger zone”. Thank goodness the pregnant lady next to me wanted to swap seats. I wound up in her husband’s window seat and she got the aisle putting her close to the lavatories.

The resort the conference was at (the Rancho Bernardo Inn) was beautiful but it felt like the rooms were a mile away from the venue. I easily got 10K worth of steps in each day. I did try wearing my flip-flops for a little while but I was terrified someone would step on my foot. Thank goodness the room had a beautiful big tub.

Two weeks after the “incident” I went to the doctor, the bruising was still there and things were not getting better. I wound up back in my walking boot (from when I had broken my big toe) for 8 weeks.

Yes, I seem to have some sort of klutz gene.

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