February 22, 2019

Prepping For Another West Coast Trip

My travel plans to the annual Miva Conference in San Diego have been finalized. The trip this year should be “interesting”. Heading out I’ll be flying Delta through Atlanta. That’s funny, fly east to go west. I’ll also get to see how well I do with Delta’s “Basic Economy” – I don’t get to choose my seat, it will be assigned for me and I’ll be in the last group to board. Should be interesting for someone who prefers a window seat so I can settle in and not have to move. I know not to complain, the flight and accommodations are provided for me. Coming back will be a little better, I’m flying American Airlines connecting through Dallas will a little over an hour layover (time to make it to the next flight without having to run). I was able to select my seats for this flight. Well, sort of. Out of San Diego, I was able to select a window seat just past the emergency exits, but there were no “free” available seats for the connector to Birmingham. I paid the upcharge to at least have a guaranteed seat.

Of course, I need to get this mysterious intestinal “distress” under control. After about of week (it was probably more than that), I went to the doctor. She told me there was some intestinal bug going around that could last up to 2 weeks. Oh joy. She ordered a CT scan to rule out sigmoid diverticulitis, would send in a prescription for an industrial strength version of Imodium if it wasn’t, told me to continue with the BRAT diet, to push fluids and said if it didn’t clear up in a week more tests would need to be ordered. Yeah, I knew what she meant. Another miserable week went by, what ever is going on was not being phased by the Lomotil. Arrangements were made for me to have the additional tests run, unfortunately, the lab that the samples were being sent to is in Atlanta. It would have been nice if someone had informed me at the time that these tests take a week (or more) to be completed.

I started this post on 2/15 and since then, I’ve had a few updates from the doctor’s office. All the tests were normal. The next step is to see a Gastroenterologist. That appointment has been scheduled. In the mean time I’ve been doing some serious online research and may have stumbled up the source of my distress. It may take up to a week (or more) to confirm the theory. If I’m wrong, then I still have an appointment with someone who has a bit more experience.

It still look pretty good after all these years.
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