Poor Man’s Mocha

Going to Starbucks everyday is out of the question for a couple reasons, one we don’t have one that is convenient to where we live, two the calories and three the cost. Hence the name “Poor Man’s Mocha” – the name came from my husband. My favorite flavor – peppermint – doesn’t come in a lower calorie version at Starbucks, so I started working on my own version.

Begin by brewing 16 ounces of your favorite coffee. It can be a flavored coffee if you like. Next you will need:

I first put the cocoa mix in my travel mug. Next I heat up the syrup mixture in a microwave proof container for about 25 seconds. I discovered if you heat the syrup mixture before adding it to the mug, it keeps from cooling the coffee down too much. Now add the warmed syrup to your mug, followed by your freshly brewed hot coffee. Stir until well mixed and enjoy.

I search the world over and found that Barista Pro Shop has not only the best prices for the flavoring syrups but it has great shipping rates too.

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