Random thoughts

Another one of those days when I’ve got a thousand different things going through me head. The top two are the Reno/SF trip and thoughts after watching “To Kill A Mockingbird”.

It’s a Monday and so much to get done. Still playing nursemaid/Dr. Mom to Cody the new kitten. He’s on antibiotics for 2 weeks for the sinus infection – so he gets pilled twice a day. Then there is the eye and nose cleaning. After I do Cody I go ahead and clean up KittyBoy’s eyes too. Need to find gauze pads in bulk – they seem to work pretty good.

The replacement iPod is working very well – the click wheel was not working properly on the other one. The Apple “repair” program is very efficient – they send a DHL box, you pack it up and send it back. Two days latter I had a replacement.

Trying to coordinate flight plans with a group of women is going to drive me crazy. The last idea that was proposed was to rent a van and drive to Reno/SF. Are they crazy? I don’t have that much vacation time and I’d be dead tired when we got there.

I think I’m just going to book my own flight. I’d love to schedule a flight that I change planes in Denver – with maybe a little layover. I wouldn’t try to leave the airport – but just a little more time than the mad dash from plane to plane. If I can’t connect through Denver, Dallas or Houston is okay. The flight from San Diego connected through Houston but I barely had time to make a potty stop before I had to get on the plane to Birmingham.

Still haven’t figured out the San Francisco lodging yet. Reno is already set for the Eldorado Hotel Casino. Turns out we are flying in the day before we bowl – so that’s a nice break.

Finally got the shift time info too Team is June 28 at 7:30PM with Doubles and Singles scheduled for June 29 at 11:00AM. I’d like to know how they came up with the team name: ” Rolling For Money & Fun” – Yeah, uh huh, I’ve been bowling so bad lately, I don’t see any money coming my way.

I’ve offered to do a partial sponsorship of the bowling shirts – have my logo on the sleeve. Found a cool Port Authority Silk Blend Camp Shirt that I liked. And I found one in a celery green – LOL, the color of money.

I watched “To Kill A Mockingbird” yesterday – okay I admit I never watched the movie. I had some thoughts about it but, I guess I’ve found something that is better left unsaid…

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