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Megan’s Getting Married!

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

My youngest daughter, Megan, is getting married! She’s marrying her boyfriend Daniel. They’ve set the date for September 3, 2011. She’s already bought a beautiful dress – I was sent pictures of it. I wasn’t there when she bought it. The location has been picked – Tap Root Farm – she’s very excited about it. Megan had mentioned that she wanted to have it at “our church” – Our Lady of Sorrows because she likes the “two Angels”.


The logistics involved in having the wedding here would be, well let’s bottle that one and throw it in the sea.

It breaks my heart that I’m not there to be able to help with a lot of the local stuff, but she has loving people surrounding her and helping her. She has a loving step-dad wants more than anything, anything in the world to walk her down the aisle. Even though he’s not her biological father, he has been there for her through the turbulent “I hate you, your not my father” years to the now affectionately being called “daddy” days. But that may not happen due to all the drama that needs to be bottled up and thrown in the sea.

It’s really, REALLY time for all this drama to end. Life is too short for us to keep going on this way. Why don’t we give Megan the best wedding gift ever? The peace and harmony that she (and I) have always wanted. Megan has already laid down the law – NO DRAMA. So let’s remember the most important thing here:

The bottom line here is that this is Megan’s Day!