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Fairly Quiet On The Southeastern Front

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Looks like the interest in my ramblings has finally died out. Not much traffic to my blog anymore and that probably a good thing. I’ve gotten lazy and have been “micro-blogging” via Twitter instead of writing full blown posts. I’ve also got too many blogs/social networks to keep up with. I’ve been trying out Facebook, not my cup of tea really, too much junk going on. I think I’ve been putting more time into All Things Vols than any of my other blogs. Seems like every time I open up WordPress I have to run an update. I need to spend a little time redoing my recipe section too.

Megan has pretty much given up on her blog (and her sisters too). Interesting though, she has gotten 170 visits in the past 30 days from one city. Maybe she should add new content. She’s been going through the bureaucratic BS trying to get her Dental Assistant licensing. Right now she’s working part-time in a grocery store while she waits for it to all get finished.

Me, well I’m a very happy camper now working for the company I have wanted to work with for over 10 years now. Guess you will just have to Google through things to figure out where.