All my fault

Is all of this all my fault? So much to say…but the words are unspoken…

Colorado Vacation

So much to say about this trip, but I wanted to start off with a video snippets

Here’s one with my co-pilot:

I know understand the love for the Papillion breed.


I’ll come back and add more to this post as time permits. I had to hit the ground running after taking 10 days off the grid.


I am a broken soul…

Less than one week

Time has flown by since my trip to San Diego. I survived the manic panic trip home (my trips are never uneventful).

Now we are rapidly approaching what was supposed to be a simple family & friends wedding ceremony for my daughter that has turned into the stereotypical three ring circus. Couple it with no budget (no funds) to pull this off with I have come to the conclusion I will be working until I’m 70.




At least the daisies are trying to make a comeback this year. I think I may be dealing with a kudzu like vine trying to intertwine with them. Such a methaphor…










I’m trying to grow lavender again. Previous in ground attempts failed. The smell is so calming.


Not complaining

It is very special to be flown out to San Diego once a year for the Miva Conference. Miva has done this for the past seven years. The first few years, I would be sent an itinerary based on when I’d like to arrive and leave. This year I was given a few great options for flights. I like to arrive in San Diego around 2-ish (it ties into the car rental return and hotel check-in time). Then I like to fly back departing around the same time: 2-ish. This gives me time to stop at In & Out Burger to pick up 4 burgers to bring back to my husband in Alabama. It’s become an annual tradition when I go out there.

For this year’s flights, I’ll be going Southwest. They are always fun to fly. I leave before the sun comes up on Tuesday (I think we may have to leave the house around 3:30am) but I have a 4-hour layover in Houston heading to San Diego. But I have only 55 minutes to get from one plane to the next when returning from San Diego. I’ll definitely make sure I wear comfortable shoes coming back.

Although I only fly one a year now, I went ahead and paid for the TSA PreCheck РI seem to worry less about getting the burgers through security when I have PreCheck on my boarding pass. I have been randomly selected for it on a few flights and truly appreciate having it when lugging a laptop and camera with me.

Now to figure out what to do at Houston’s Hobby Airport for 4 hours.