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Talking In Code

Monday, February 9th, 2009

It has been a while since I have been able to find the time to post. I’ve been goofing around with Facebook, so that’s taken some of my attention. I really don’t like all the cheezy applications and games. I do like being able to connect and interact with friends and family. Kelley and Scott are on Facebook, but we haven’t quite gotten Jeff there yet. I still enjoy the micro-blogging aspects of Twitter, but I haven’t been using it as much either.

I also hate to have my posts tainted by negative events that have happened. I’m working to recover from being let go by my “dream company”. We are looking forward to the trip out to San Diego, although there is becoming a difference in opinion as to what the itinerary will be while we are there. Since 2004 I’ve always taken tons of pictures of the conference, it was something that kept me occupied in the evenings while everyone else went out and drank themselves silly. Last year Jeff went with me for the first time and last year was also the first time I was there representing a company (other than myself) and I was expected to “work the event”. This year I’m officially a “guest” of the company that let me go but I’m also expected to “work” while I am there. Sure, I would much rather do absolutely nothing but enjoy San Diego, but I still want to be able to take conference pictures too.

I do need to bury one of those dreaded ex related comments in this post because I feel bad for Megan.  Her father made another one of those say one thing, do another type moves he’s famous for. I won’t go into the details of his latest disappointment, but I told Megan she needs to come up with some sort of code message to use with him when she has a really important issue she needs to talk to him about.

On the heart touching side of things, I listened to one side of a conversation that Megan and Jeff had (I heard Jeff’s half), he was so supportive, warm, caring, concerned and loving it truly moved me. The two of them have worked through the issues of Megan’s turbulent childhood. I think deep down inside she wishes her father would listen and be supportive like Jeff has been for her. That’s really all she has ever wanted from him.

I find myself feeling really bad when I have to cut my phone conversations short with her because I’m working. I’m afraid I’m starting to seem like more like her father, always working. At least I don’t have a bluetooth ear piece melded to my head. I tried one for about a week, I didn’t like how it made me look like I was talking to myself. I can understand using it while driving to keep the hands free aspect, but too many studies have shown that talking on a cell phone while driving is almost like driving drunk. So I try to stick to the shut up and drive state of mind.