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Political Activist

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

The closer we get to the upcoming election, the more fearful I become of our future. I’ve been lashing out at Leslie’s Little Soap Box, but I know that no one reads that blog, so unfortunately my ranting there go unnoticed. It’s really too, little too late. I just started actively using my Facebook account, but again it’s too little too late. Most of my “friends” there are very liberal and have already made their minds up.

I am so afraid for the future of this country, so many people want the government to take care of them, they have become lazy and are no longer willing to work for or even defend the American way. I’ve been told that I lack compassion, that I don’t understand people having hard times and sometimes needing a hand up. I nipped that conversation in the bud.

I want change too, but not what is being proposed. I want less government, less taxes and more personal freedoms. The path I see this country heading is the same route Europe took years ago. I find myself leaning towards the Libertarian Party, but it’s going to take time for them to really catch on. Perhaps the next four years will help push them to the forefront.

I really know nothing about being a political activist, but I think it’s time to learn something new.

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I Think She Finally Get’s It

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Couple days ago I got a phone call from Megan, she was upset, yelling and talking so fast I just could not understand her. She’s driving home ranting and raving (I have told her before about driving while upset) and it took a little while to get her calmed down enough to get the picture of what happened.

Megan had gone to visit with her aunt. She called ahead to make sure it was okay and was told so-in-so was there. Megan didn’t know who this person was and had assumed it was a friend of her aunt. During dinner she got hit smack dab in the face, so to speak, as to who she was. Her father, still lacking in social graces, never bothered to introduce his new girlfriend to Megan.

I had told Jeff what had happened and he called to check on her. She had at least calmed down. Later on she told me to go read her blog, that she had used it to vent. I wasn’t sure what to expect before getting there, I was afraid she might have lashed out at her father, which could have had dire financial consequences for her. What I read was venomously angry post, lashing out at her sisters. It took very little time for me to understand why she was so angry with them, she loves them so much but hasn’t been talking to either one of them. She feels like she has lost them and now was afraid that she was going to lose her father to another woman.

I think a few other light bulbs came on for her. I have previously mentioned Megan’s behavior while she was living with us. She knew which buttons to push to make us mad, she tried her darnest to break us up on a number of occasions. She didn’t understand that not only did she have a father who loves her, she also has a step-father that loves her too. But she did everything she could to try and push him away because she was afraid her father wouldn’t love her any more. Later that evening she called to ask if she had been a “pain” (I’ve changed the actual words used) while living with us. I think it may have finally dawned on her.

So she took down the angry post and rewrote it. This time it wasn’t littered with profanity. This time it was much more on target with how she feels. You have to read through it, but there near bottom of the post, just before she mentions gardening and cooking, she finally said it ” I guess deep down I’m afraid that with a new girlfriend, he’ll forget about me.”

All of her fear came rolling out as anger. The pain she feels with the strained relationships she has with her sister’s came out as anger. She has tried on a number of occasions to patch those relationships, I think she has finally had to take the same position I have, the ball is in their court to mend the fences. I still hurt for her, she loves them just as much as I do. And she knows we love her too.

I just hope her father gets it too.

Fairly Quiet On The Southeastern Front

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Looks like the interest in my ramblings has finally died out. Not much traffic to my blog anymore and that probably a good thing. I’ve gotten lazy and have been “micro-blogging” via Twitter instead of writing full blown posts. I’ve also got too many blogs/social networks to keep up with. I’ve been trying out Facebook, not my cup of tea really, too much junk going on. I think I’ve been putting more time into All Things Vols than any of my other blogs. Seems like every time I open up WordPress I have to run an update. I need to spend a little time redoing my recipe section too.

Megan has pretty much given up on her blog (and her sisters too). Interesting though, she has gotten 170 visits in the past 30 days from one city. Maybe she should add new content. She’s been going through the bureaucratic BS trying to get her Dental Assistant licensing. Right now she’s working part-time in a grocery store while she waits for it to all get finished.

Me, well I’m a very happy camper now working for the company I have wanted to work with for over 10 years now. Guess you will just have to Google through things to figure out where.