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Kelley’s Blog

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Wahoo! My sister has a website and blog now.

Had A Bad Day

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Jeff’s been pretty sick since Friday. He had been exposed to mycoplasma pneumonia and was showing all the symptoms of it. He was feeling so bad that it didn’t take much convincing to get him to go to the doctor. The good news, it turned out to be a pretty bad case of bronchitis. Now he has a bag full of antibiotics and a sore backside from a steroid shot. He could have and should have stayed home but he went in because they are shorthanded. He forgot his lunch, but fortunately I caught him while he was on his way to drop of the prescription for cough medicine.

My normal morning routine is to feed the “boys” their can of Fancy Feast. This morning I got sliced by the can lid – bled like a stuffed pig, but it finally stopped.

Decided that I would change the air filter for the air conditioner, figured with Jeff being sick it would probably help a bit. I get down to the unit and find water dripping out of it. I try to remove the filter and it’s soaked. Hmmm, wet & musty air being circulated throughout the whole house, no wonder Jeff’s sick. So I call our AC people (we are due for our regular maintenance anyhow) and get something scheduled.

I have a follow up eye exam scheduled at 2PM – my overpriced glasses are just not right, and when you pay that much for them, they will be right or someone might be wearing them in a very uncomfortable manner. While I’m there I figured I ask about contacts, but first the glasses need to be right. Well, it turns out the technician who fitted them, didn’t quite get them right so that problem is solved. Now back to my question about contacts. I’d worn them before so that shouldn’t be a problem, but it seems that my astigmatism just might be. The first test pair actually made my vision worse. The right eye had a lens for designed to correct the astigmatism but it wasn’t quite strong enough according to the doctor. The left eye had just regular correction, maybe it needed to have the astigmatism correction too “they” pondered. Off in the other room, I heard the doctor mention, “she just may not be able to wear contacts”. He came back and did some additional measurements and told me they would have to order another trial pair for me. They wound up sending me home with the toric lens in my right eye and the regular soft lens in my left. The doctor said I should just wear them for a few hours a day to get my eyes used to wearing contacts again.

On the way home I stop off at CVS to pick up Jeff’s prescription – thought I would be nice and get it for him. So I get it and call him to let him know I did. Did I ask if it would cause any problems with his high blood pressure – nooooo. So I head back in the store, the piped in music is playing Daniel Powter’s Bad Day.

If I Could Ask Just One Question

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

If I could ask my mom just one question today, it would be something related to my not being able to see my grandchildren. I would have to carefully formulate my question, a simple “what do you think about me not being able to see them?” would probably result in a simple, “I don’t like it”. I’m more curious of her thoughts about my ex’s attitude and if she thinks it’s influencing D1 and D2’s behavior.

My ex’s is always telling anyone that will listen, what a good relationship he had with my mom. I truly feel my mom would not tolerate his current behavior and would say something to him. Would the question be “are you angry at him for not fostering a better relationship between D1, D2 and the grandchildren?” or it might even be “would you have said something to him about his attitude?”

I know in my heart, this must hurt her pretty bad.

Thoughts Of My Children

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Megan is not the only child of mine having a birthday, D2’s birthday is 2 days before hers. I wanted to send her a card but I don’t have her address. Since Megan got bitched out by her father for forwarding a Christmas card to her, I didn’t want to put Megan in that position again. Funny thing, D1 didn’t have a problem with it.

My thoughts have been with D1 this past week. As I also remember my mom, who would have turned 80 on July 5th, Kasydi would have turned 1. See Tears.

Catch Up And Recovery

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

It always seems to take more time to catch up after being away, then the actual time away. As for the tournament itself, I didn’t bowl as well as I had hoped I would. The lane conditions them self were not that bad, I had trouble adjusting to the environmental conditions the first day. The air conditioning units in the center were capable of handling 250 – 300 people, not close to a 1,000. It was very hot and stuffy, which in turn, caused my thumb and fingers to stick. I worked through the “sticky” thumb (that was caused by torn skin on the knuckle) but the swelling in my finger joints was difficult to overcome. I think I’m coming to the end of my bowling “career”, looks like the joints are back into a degenerative phase as again.

The trip is self was fun, I hung out with a couple of the other ladies I was bowling with. Thanks to Nüvi, we found our way around. Even took in a Detroit Tigers game, wish I had taken my camera, it was a beautiful stadium.

Think I may have to pop over to my soapbox blog and post a “Memo to Managers”. Then again, I assuming it would be followed, let alone read.

I should also put a link up for my neighbor’s website, he’s running for Mayor!