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Great Weekend

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

It’s always fun to take a long weekend, but it’s even better when you can spend it with family. My sister Kelley and her husband Scott came to visit this past weekend. We had a really great time. Started off by picking them up at the airport Friday morning, then dropped the luggage off at the house. We ventured out for lunch and Starbucks. Then drove them around to show them some of the town – went through The Tiny Kingdom, past EWTN where Jeff still works, then down one of the streets near the network and looked at houses in a new development. Granted they were $300K plus (a little out of our price range) but for the money, I really liked them. I need to find the website for those houses, maybe they are being built here in our county.

Scott introduced Jeff to Geocaching so the boys had fun while Kelley and I went to pick up the remaining little things we needed for our trek to Talladega. I spent the afternoon slow grilling four racks of baby back ribs to go with the baked beans, potato salad, macaroni salad and all that other food we would be taking to the race.

Sunday morning – yea haw and howdy, we were off to the race. We made really good time there, with a little thanks to the Mother’s Day present Jeff bought. We fought our way through the crowds to try and pick up a few souvenirs but the sea of humanity made it difficult. Went back to the truck, got ourselves all set up, well almost, the PETT potty and tent went up nicely (having your own porta-potty at event like this is a must!) but when we went to set up the new canopy we found out it was not brand new but rather damaged. That was rather irritating to say the least. We ate and headed back to the track to find our seats.


We made it in time for an awesome flyover. I managed to catch a really interesting site. The main concern of the day was rain and the possibility of the race being rained out. In the south we still pray at sporting events and the preacher prayed specifically for dry weather. (It worked). Thought the race was going to be one of those boring round and round freight train type races, it turned out to be a really exciting race. Hopefully, I can get some of the other pictures posted to my gallery sometime soon.

After the race we made our way back to the truck to relax and eat dinner – the thought was to let the crowds clear out. It’s kind of hard for that volume of people to clear out fast. We took the same route from the track that we took the last time we came, this time it wasn’t as fast, in fact it crawled. And the rains came.

Monday, we took it easy, with the exception of taking that damaged canopy back to Wallyworld. I expected a hassle bring it back – instead it was “oh, it was probably damaged by a forklift” – no, no it wasn’t. The frame had snapped (look like it had twisted in the wind) and was even rusted. There was grass in the bottom of the storage bag. I got the refund, that’s all that mattered. We had lunch, wandered around BestBuy and through a camo store – cute store.

Tuesday we had to put Kelley and Scott on a plane home. Wish they could have stayed longer. I think we are going to plan a trip to watch a race in Charlotte. It would also be fun to plan a trip to watch a race in Atlanta, but then I would want to invite D1 and her husband – maybe in another life time…

My Office Assistant

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008


PC On Wheels

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

It’s been kinda of quiet around here – which is a good thing. Megan is excited that she will be starting her internship – hopefully at an Orthodontist’s office that is very friendly to her school. The doctor there likes to hire students from her school and they are looking for 4 new people.

We’re getting excited about my sister & her husband’s visit here. We’re going to the Talladega race at the end of the month – I think it’s going to take me that long just to clean the house.

Had to take the “new to me” mom-mobile back to the shop. The check engine light had come on. They had checked once but couldn’t find anything. It came back on again, so we scheduled it back in this morning. Of course, the light went out this morning but we took it in anyhow. I guess it’s a good thing we did – there’s a problem with one of the 18 “computers”. So plan A is to reprogram the one causing the problem. If that doesn’t work, the computer has to be replaced. That’s a $1000 part – thank goodness I opted for the extended warranty. We’ve already had another one of the computers replaced – it was the one for the windshield washer fluid. Can you believe that the windsheild washer fluid has it’s own computer? I’m starting to feel like I’m driving a PC.