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Sunday, February 24th, 2008

Yes, I know I haven’t posted in quite a while. I think the last thing I started on was getting the Santa on the Roof pictures uploaded. I didn’t even get those finished.

So where do I start? I no longer work at EWTN – that change took place the middle of January. I am working for a company based in San Diego that lets me tele-commute. I would love to live in San Diego but the cost of living would eat us alive. I’m very happy that we were able to buy a nice 4 bedroom house for $142K, in a good neighborhood (remember I live next to Santa Claus) and have reasonable property taxes. Oh sure, I’d like to do about $20K worth of remodeling to the house but that will be another day.

The job is as close to my dream job as it comes (Sports Psychologist for the Tennessee Volunteers or Sports Photographer for the same tie for my number 1 dream job) – I’m working full-time with the e-commerce package I have spent the past 10 years work on, with and around. I can use my Mac in addition to my PC, I’ve got a VoIP phone and I’m in MY office.

Other changes – yes, I’ve been messing around with blog software again. My blogging app de jour is Word Press. I already have 2 issues that are driving me nuts – I do not like how it’s displaying the photo album thumbnails and the spammer are loving it. I get rounds of spam comments that I have to delete. On the bright side, it’s easy to install. Enough technical talk.

Looking forward to April – my sister Kelley and her husband are coming to visit for what I guess you could call a belated Christmas. We’re to go to head to Talladega (with about 200,000 other people) and watch the race.

Supposed to go to Detroit in June to bowl in the Nationals Tournament – I ‘ve taken this season off so that should be real interesting.

We had planned to take Megan to Las Vegas for her 21st birthday but she wants to delay that. Now she wants to bar hop in Nashville – hmmm, the 10th of July is a Thursday – that might be good, I’m not into crowds that much. D2 is giving her grief about me being there – for someone who keeps saying “I” need to get over it, they sure do still harbor a lot of issues.

Guess I had better get my PTO request in real soon 🙂