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Hungry & Broke

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Megan finds herself in a very motivational situation. She is broke, hungry and has $3 in the bank. She called me on her way to the mall. She is going to submit job applications. It’s something she really has been needing to do. I’ve been after her to try and get a part-time job so she could start earning money of her own. I thought she might have found a part-time job working with her uncle but that sort of “went away”.

She’s now understanding what it’s like to live “paycheck to paycheck” but it’s not her check, yet. Suggestions I’ve made in the past went unheeded. She did attempt to make a commitment to pay certain bills but that was when she had a part time job. Now she’s in over her head because she doesn’t have a part-time job anymore, and gas, food and prices in general have gone up.

It’s times like this that I wished she lived a lot closer, I could put her to work for me – she doesn’t need a college education to help me. I still want her to get one though.

Sewing Machine

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

I finally bought a new sewing machine to replace the two I lost in the divorce. Both were my mom’s – one was as old as I am and the other she bought in Germany. I doubt whoever has them would appreciate that “value”. A while back I also replaced the KitchenAid mixer I had. That one really didn’t have a lot of sentimentals attached to it – how could it? I never even took it out of the box. A few years back I bartered for the Mac I have. I suppose that could be considered a replacement for the Mac I had. I think Megan was using that Mac a while back. She has an older iBook now (she’d love a new one for Christmas) and she has the Dell PC we gave her. I haven’t replaced the two Minolta SLRs I had – Jeff got me a great Kodak digital camera that is taking some great pictures and video clips. Let see if Blogger can truly handle video clips.

This might be one for YouTube but I would have to upload the longer versions. To say the least this was taken BEFORE his shoulder surgery. He is doing better – he drove a little yesterday.