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The Road To Recovery

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

Jeff had his shoulder surgery Friday August 10. The doctor met with me while he was in recovery – there was more damage than the doctor expected, including an uncommon subscapular rotator cuff tear “It’s unusual to see this type of tear in someone your age” – meaning it’s one you would see in older people. The first weekend home was tough – sort of like being on a newborn’s schedule – we were up every 3 hours. The pain medication pump was just a pain. It leaked and Jeff said it just hurt. And pulling the catheters out was no picnic either. No one warned us that each catheter was over 12 inches of tubing – which had to be very carefully removed. I would much rather pull tinsel out of a cat’s butt than to do that again.

When we went to his first rehab appointment, his physical therapist tells him it’s one of the worst shoulders she has seen in a while. She also reminds him he is going to have to take this one very slow, it won’t be like his other shoulder.

Then we go to the doctor to have his stitches removed – more of the same, how much damage, didn’t expect to see the torn rotator cuff and how unusual the tear is. Jeff’s main question – when can he drive again? The doctor’s answer – when he can hold his arm out and keep it there for 10 seconds.

Back to physical therapy – more reminders on needing to take it easy, not over doing it and that there is more to being able to drive than being able to hold your arm out.

This past weekend was a little better – he did attempt to drive only to find out how hard it really is. Yes, I’m still driving. Good thing we work together. I know it frustrates the begeevers out of him to not be able to drive. In time, in time.