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Study Ethic

Monday, June 25th, 2007

I’m disappointed that Megan failed her class. She’ll probably be upset with me because I’ve now said this “out loud.” Especially since everyone else is giving her a hard time about it. I can still hear daughter number one getting mad at me when I discussed grades with her. “Well, I’m just not as smart as you are.” It’s not about being smart. It’s about working hard and getting your priorities straight. There are those who would say I didn’t have a life because I worked hard to do high school in three years. When I went to college, I was married with 2 children. I was also pregnant with Megan with Megan during my senior year. I went to class on a Thursday evening, Megan was born on Friday and I had to be back in class on Monday to take an exam. If I didn’t go to class I would have gotten a zero for my exam grade. Did I mention I was also working full-time too?

Megan has it made – she’s not working, she only has to go to class – she could be making great grades if she would only apply herself. Instead she makes fun of the smart person in the class – she should have been asking him for help instead of making fun of him.

I’m happy that she has a boyfriend but she needs to get her priorities straight because daddy isn’t going to be supporting her all her life unless she wants to be like her sister.

So Megan will be mad at me too.

Does No News Really Mean Good News?

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Haven’t really heard from anybody in a while. Megan doesn’t call as often because she has a boyfriend that “loves” her. She did at least give me an update on her school situation – she had been struggling in Radiology I – she didn’t pass. So that throws her whole schedule off. She can’t take Radiology II or her Internship now. I have tried to tell her she needs to get with the school ASAP and find out what her options are. She is interested in their General Education program which I think will be excellent for her but she needs to get her head out of clouds and get her butt in gear.

I called my dad for Father’s Day – he sounded good. He didn’t say much, but that’s normal. Haven’t heard from my sister in a while either. We all lead such busy lives. I don’t know if any of my family knows that number one daughter is expecting her third somewhere around the first week in July from what I understand. I figure she is just telling everyone I’m dead since I doubt she wants to tick her father off. Obviously, she needs his money – my guess is that he is making her house payment.

I’m getting to head to Nationals – this year it’s in Charlotte. It will be split between two bowling centers – maybe I’ll make a little money again this year. We are heading out Thursday morning. I bowl team Friday afternoon and Singles & Doubles Saturday morning. Jeff’s coming along with me. He has plans to meet up with old friends that live in the area.

Growing Up

Monday, June 18th, 2007

I suppose it’s s good thing – every time Megan gets a boyfriend the number of phone calls she makes to me drops. Sort of like when things are good, I’m not needed. But when things are bad she calls. It is all part of growing up.

Jeff was a little disappointed that he didn’t get a Father’s Day card from Megan. My dad was happy with my call and my card. Hopefully, Megan at least gave her father a card or a call. I hope she did something with her uncle – he’s been more like a father to her than her own father has.

Look like Megan got tired of being given grief every time she posted how she felt about something in her blog. That or she got bored with it.

Oh, but anyhow, before I depress myself even more – I won’t talk about the foreclosed house we went and helped the neighbors evaluate.


Monday, June 11th, 2007

The thought of retiring is very depressing. I have no retirement fund. The company I work for offers a 403(b) plan but doesn’t match any contributions. Couple that with it being non-profit and not paying “market value” wages it makes it tough to carve off the $150 a paycheck to try and build an IRA.

And it’s gets tougher to try and move to a company that might have a retirement plan – I have good health coverage and now have 3 weeks vacation time available to me. I suppose I would have to decide my priorities – vacation verses a retirement fund…