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Not M.I.A.

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

I’m really not Missing in Action nor am I at a loss for words. If I could ever get that mental telepathy blog machine working – well, I guess I’d be rich too.

The silly notion that someone would find our resumes and want us to move out west was, well beyond silly. From the research I’ve been doing it’s probably for the best – it doesn’t look like the best paying jobs are out there. Granted, I realize with higher salaries usually come more responsibilities and headaches. I don’t need headaches.

Megan is still working her way through Dental Assistant school but she does want to go to a 4 year college. I keep reminding her that she needs to get moving if she wants to make that happen. I keep reminding her to ask her father if he wants to do something with her when he’s in town. I don’t want to be blamed for trying to squelch her relationship with him – he seems to be doing that all on his own. She calls him, he says he’ll get back to her and then virtually doesn’t. I guess he doesn’t want to spend any time with her.

We spent the 3 day weekend not doing much of anything. I’ve started a re-do project for our main bathroom. I scraped the popcorn ceiling off getting it ready for a plain white ceiling. Lessons learned on that, follow the tips given to you on how to scrap that stuff off – mist it with water. Lots of things I want to do to the house – just don’t have the money – kind of like my “retirement plan”.

Too many things on my wish list, too little time and way too little money.

On the bright side my sister and her husband have mentioned coming and spending Christmas with us 🙂

My kitty that blew a hole (abscess) the size of a golf ball is all better – his fur is finally starting to grow again. He still has the poodle paw look from where they had to shave fur for the IV but the fur is starting to come back.

Pray for the rain to move our way and the gas prices to come down.