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Got Our Money’s Worth From Netflix

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

I think we definitely got our money’s worth from Netflix this month. Besides the movies we watch we’ve also started getting TV shows. We’ve gotten hooked on 24 and have made it through the first season. Funniest thing, after watching 24 hours worth of Keifer Sutherland, the first movie we watch after the last episode is The Wild. And whose voice did we hear in that movie? LOL – there’s Jack rescuing someone again.

Not that I have the time to keep up with it, I’m thinking about starting an “Idaho” blog. Use it to post our resumes, what we are looking for and just Idaho stuff in general. If I do start it, I’ll link it from here. Megan has told us we can’t move to Idaho – she said she barely sees me now, if we move to Idaho she said she would never see us. I told she would just have to move with us.

What would be really cool is if a company in Idaho found the Idaho blog and offered us jobs. Which reminds me, I need to update the Yahoo resume.

Random Funny Observations

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

While I really don’t have a lot of observations – there are two cat one’s that have just tickled me. One is a Siamese cat that follows it’s “owner” to the bus stop. The other is of one of our own cats – Cody – he seems to have learned how to turn on the touch light with his nose. I thought it was a fluke the first two times until I watched him stare at me then put his nose right on the metal portion of the lamp.

I may have already mentioned KittyBoy’s “wake up” call(s). First he will rake the blinds on the window next to me. If that doesn’t get me out of bed, he will come over and start patting me on the face with his paw.

Now if these two could just tag team – one turn on the light while the other is nudging me.

Apologizes to any “loyal” readers out there (what few I have). I can’t tell what states the AOL readers are in. I did notice someone from the Philippines stopped by. I get a few referrals from the link on Megan’s blog, a couple from search engines but mostly it’s from folks who know where to find me.

Last, but not least – I FINALLY added the Cry Baby Cookie recipe.

Blood Gets Stepped

Saturday, February 17th, 2007

I think I’m living in some kind of parallel universe where ex’s and steps rate higher than blood. As each day passes things become more bizarre and speaking out against any of this just brings on more hardships. I feel like I have to talk in shades of gray to protect those caught in the cross-fire. For too many years now I have been the victim of some pretty outrageous lies. When I try to defend myself in the only forum I have, I hear third hand threats against me. My words touch many a raw nerve. But ask yourself, why are these nerves raw in the first place?

I’m tired of my words being used to hurt my daughter. I’m tired of living with the fear of anything I say will jeopardize my daughter’s well being. I’m tired of her having to bite her tongue and make nice in situations that are not. My heart aches each time she tells me that she has been crying herself to sleep again. I’m tired of those who are supposed to be family taking the side against me – it only winds up hurting my daughter. I’m tired of being made out to be the evil one and I’m damn tired of my ex being made out to be the saint that can do no wrong. Granted, I am no angel but let ye who is without sin cast the first stone.

Where was anyone when I needed help? Listening to more lies about me? Sorry, I don’t have enough money to buy my way in. The lies hurt me financially, it prevented me from buying a house when I first wanted to – it almost prevented me from even renting an apartment. I still have to suffer the anguish of bankruptcy for years to come because of the lies.

Did I ever tell you the lie about my credit cards being stolen? June 1997 someone – it might have even been my own blood – reported my credit cards stolen – which of course rendered the card I was trying to live on useless. Even worse, the person who reported them stolen, gave a name of whom they thought has stolen them. Want to know that name? Ask me.

And I’m tired of being told to let it go – why should I? No one else is. At least my sister has been able to see for herself what I have been saying all along. That gets held against her because it makes her “on my side.”

So I continue to live in fear of anything I say might be held against my daughter. She lives in tears because she just wants everybody to get along.

My husband and I are ready to pack up and move to Montana. I think we should take my sister and her husband with us.

Off The Grid

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

I haven’t been “up to” blogging lately. Things are somewhat returning to normal around here. Jeff is employed and seems to be happy. My motivation to work is returning. I need to work on scheduling less projects per month than I have been. I’ve been trying to juggle just too much and it has become frustrating.

I feel bad for Megan because she can’t speak her mind as long as she is dependent on her father for support. I’m hoping that would be motivation enough to get out there and look for at least a part-time job while she goes to school. Cold hard reality will set in when she no longer is being supported by him. I keep trying to get her to work up a budget so she can see exactly how much money she needs to be making so she can continue to live like she does. I feel like that falls on deaf ears.

I’m still dumbfounded about how close a proximity my ex is to my family. I mean, what is the point? Well, if I wrote what I think the point is all those “threats” would start flying again. I guess the ready sad part was at Thanksgiving the other two girls were visiting him – of course they didn’t bother to visit.

From the sounds of it, parts of Megan’s Christmas weren’t the best. She had a great time with my sister but not so good a time with other relatives. She did the right thing and made the visits she should have made but I feel bad for her because stuff that was going on had her crying herself to sleep at night while she was there. I told her that crap should also be motivation to cut the purse strings.

I was hoping she would really like the Dental Assistant stuff but it sounds like she doesn’t. Tuition has to be paid in full whether she goes or not so she at least knows she has to go. I really have no idea what she wants to do. Only thing she seems to like to do is buy videos and watch them.

To help bring our budget back to something more manageable we traded the two vehicles for one. Since Jeff is working out here at EWTN with me, if made sense to me that we only need one.