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The Snub Club

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

It’s been pretty busy around here since we returned from my dad’s birthday. So much so that I’m not even sure where to start. I had some great (at the time) blog subjects that have long since passed. The one the sticks out in my mind is “The Snub Club”.

When I got back from DC I was going to blog about what I call the Snub Club – it’s a small group of people that are being “snubbed” by my ex and other family members. I wanted to send my sister a belated welcome into The Snub Club. She’s now starting to receive some of the benefits from being a member. An unusual side effect of the “club” is my ex is now actually following through on promises he made to Megan – guess he doesn’t want to look bad to my family. Or perhaps he’s out to prove me wrong. Sorry, I still think he’s trying to buy his way into my family.

Megan has gotten enrolled in her classes. She has her orientation mid-September. We’ve invited her to come spend a week with us before she starts school. Looks like she’ll be here next weekend. Sounds like she is finally getting the car her father promised her. Glad to her he has the money to buy her a new car and cover the insurance on it. She’s looking at insurance costs of $1500 – $2000 every six months. I guess if she really understood how expensive all this really is – that Vovlo station wagon for $4000 would really be a great deal. The insurance on it would be a fraction of the cost of what she is facing. Oh, wait, she’s not facing any costs – her father is. Hopefully, he won’t fall behind on those payments or stop making the payments like he did to me. Remember that’s one of the benefits of being in the Snub Club. Megan is a fringe member.