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Back On The Soapbox

Monday, June 19th, 2006

Guess it’s time to stir the pot again. Ticks me off when my ex can’t even afford to pay the co-pay so Megan can go to the dentist. She’s got until August 1 to use my health insurance since she’s not enrolled in school full time. Then there are the promises of a new car and paying for her tuition – sure hope that doesn’t go the way of the horse he promised her.

I’ve asked Megan a couple of times to inquire about student loan programs when she talks to this school she wants to go to. All I get back is that her father doesn’t qualify. That makes no sense – just about anyone can get a student loan – I even had one when I was drawing my GI Bill for school. I’ve told her to ask about “loans” not aid – we’ll even co-sign for her if need be. I know how excited she is about going to this dental assistant program. Maybe if her father would sell that stupid motorcycle he bought her…

Guess what’s really bothering me is my other two daughters attitude about trying to get together for something my dad wants to do. All he wants is to take a “four generation” picture with him, his two daughters, three granddaughters and two great-granddaughters.

Megan tells me it will never happen, almost in the same breathe as being told that they are “over it”. Obviously, they aren’t or they would do this one special thing for their grandfather.

Timeline Project

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

Ah, there is that word “time” again. The idea of the Time Project came to me after spending time with my sister and talking about past event. It became apparent that we both were having problems putting events into the proper time frame. The big question would be – what should be the starting point for the time line?

Still Trying

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

It’s been a while since I’ve even felt like making any comments about anything. I’m still pretty bummed out over the peripheral events of Megan’s graduation. I suppose some will be pleased by that but life goes on. I passed the USBC Level I Certification and am looking for a Level II class to attend. I had my bowling ball redrilled to try and slow down the damage to joints in my fingers but I haven’t even practiced with it since the day it was redrilled.

Took a break from the madness and went to Six Flags. We met up with Megan and her uncle and had a great time. The park was not crowded so it was enjoyable even though is was very hot. Megan had fun riding the “White-water rafting adventure” ride – Thunder River. My favorite was Superman – Ultimate Flight even though my seat kept setting of the fail-safe – most likely it was because I kept having Jeff snug the restraint down past the “click” . The old fashioned wooden coasters are just a little jarring for me now.

So next up is the tournament in Reno and then off to San Francisco. After the west coast trip we are heading to the east coast – up to the DC area. Maybe all the time away will take my mind off the unsettled situation at the day job. Unfortunately, the entire department is in a panic.