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Morning Mass

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006

Going to Mass in the morning on my way to work is such a relaxing way to start the day. I’ve been going to daily Mass since around July. I decided to give up a half hour of time that I would normally spend answering emails or something that had me sitting in front of the computer. The route I drive in the morning is also more relaxing than having to get on the interstate.

This morning I was filled with the wonderful reminded that all around the world other Catholics are hearing the same readings I am – we are all on the same page so to speak. The only difference is the homily we hear.

I also like the morning Mass because it’s quiet (reverent) – making for a very peaceful time to reflect. I was also reminded that God has a sense of humor. I was starting to have a difficult time listening to one of the priests – I’m not sure how to describe it – I wasn’t letting his homilies touch me. On the morning that my favorite priest usually offered Mass, our new associate pastor was there instead. Fr. George is Indian with a heavy accent. So God’s tells me – “you don’t like listening to Fr. James? Now you really have to pay attention and listen so you can understand the new priest.”