More on San Francisco

Just when I was getting excited that the flights the group were booking for trip were going go through Denver, I get a call telling me to throw away the tentative itinerary I was given. Now we are being routed through Las Vegas to Reno. The person booking the trip booked us on Southwest – the no frills airline. And the closest Southwest flies to San Francisco is Oakland – so now ground transportation has to be booked from Oakland to San Francisco. At least I found out the plan IS to find a hotel in the Fisherman’s Wharf area. I suppose the good part is that I’ll be splitting the room cost three ways – but then think about it. On second thought, don’t. I need to focus on my tourist plans for San Francisco and learning how to use the sleep timer and the alarm clock on my iPod. The woman who has to fall asleep to a TV on a sleep timer may not be able to do that with 2 other women.

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