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The Pro-Am

Sunday, January 29th, 2006

Well, I did have fun – we won’t talk about how bad I bowled – really bad. But the high point of the day was meeting Norm Duke – he’s really nice down to earth kind of guy. The low point was not bringing my camera. Think I’ll sign Jeff up for the next one and then I can do what I really love to do – take pictures!

I got to bowl with the following Pro’s:
Joe Ciccone
Tommy Delutz Jr.
Mike Machuga
Randy Weiss
Rick Lawrence
Norm Duke

The Ultimate Tourist

Friday, January 27th, 2006

Things are starting to come together for my first (and only) trip to the 2006 USBC Women’s Championships in Reno, Nevada. Finally got some dates – we’re flying out to Reno July 27. Still need to find out the actual dates and times that we bowl. Luggage for the trip should be a real adventure – suitcase, laptop, camera bag/purse, and a bowling bag with two balls.

The fun part comes when we – the ladies (and friends) on the teams that are going with this group – fly to San Francisco Thursday evening. I’ve been told we will get into SF earlier enough to eat dinner there. So I’ll get to spend Friday and Saturday in San Francisco and I want to take pictures!

So many places to consider – Alcatraz, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, Golden Gate Bridge & Golden Gate Park, Lombard Street and of course the Cable Cars!!! Not sure how to handle my sightseeing – the “group” plans to use taxis (splitting the cost) to go places. I’m looking into tours that include all the stops I want to go to.

So much to consider…

Lavender Roses and Dog Biscuits

Thursday, January 26th, 2006

Now there’s a combination for you. I’ve been working on this cute little dog product web site, editing dog treat recipes and thinking that would be fun to do. Maybe I could make small batches of the treats and have my neighbor take them to work with her to test out. She works at a vet clinic – she also takes KittyBoy in with her when he needs care. I can just see me opening a doggy treat store – guess I would have to get a dog then? I love to bake – but I can’t compete with all the great bakeries out there – but a doggy bakery might have a chance.

So where did the lavender roses come from? I had to order a funeral arrangement this morning and naturally I was looking at the roses. I love to grow roses but it takes a lot of work to grow beautiful roses.

Tap, tap, tap … is this thing on?

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

I still feel like I’m talking to myself. So now what happens if I start answering my own questions? The one that comes to mind is who really is reading this? I know my Megan and my husband do. I found out my sister Kelley does. I was pleasantly surprised when a potential client told me he enjoyed my blog. I could add a guestbook but that would be one more thing to do.

I think I’ve been on that downhill side of Megan’s visit. As previously mentioned she’s back up in TN. On the bright side she’s been getting out and driving more. She did one session with a driving school – they have told her that she may only need a few more weeks of practice and she’ll be ready to get her license. I’ve told her that even after she gets her license she really needs to continue the practice session with her uncle. Plus limit her driving to daylight hours until she gets more practice time.

I’m trying to get at least an ounce of motivation out of her by encouraging her to finish up the two courses she has this year. The sooner she’s done with them the sooner her grades can be turned in. She’s got a lot more to do to get ready for the “real world”.

Name that tune

Monday, January 9th, 2006

The long drive back from dropping Megan off went by faster by playing “Name That Tune” – we went through the long list of songs (over 900) that a co-worker gave me. I could get Neil Diamond in just the opening seconds. Sad, eh? We worked our way through over 200 songs in the 3 and half hour drive back. It help mask the depression both Jeff and I were going through. It’s sad that Megan likes living in a small apartment all by herself. We’d both really rather have her with us – even with her pouting “temper tantrums” were she goes and shuts herself in her room. Perhaps if Jeff had spoken up and asked her to stay – I don’t know…deep down inside I understand where the isolationism came from.

My big push now is to get her to go up to DC and spend some time with her father (at his townhouse there) and hopefully time with my sister. She wanting to look at apartments and check out the colleges in that area. My thought is NOVA – a good community college. I’m still having problems comprehending why someone who hates me so much is spending time with my family. It just baffles me. On one hand though I’m glad he’s keeping the lines of communication open for my daughters. Too bad he doesn’t encourage two way communication between myself and them. Then there is still the issue of things of my mom’s that my dad gave me (not him) that he has not given back to me. My mom’s silverware is at the top of the list. Sure there are other things I would like back – I can’t really call them mine but they would be nice to have back – the Christmas china is one. I wonder if he still has any of the macrame my mother made? There was a hanging three tier table and a large glass fish bowl.

The other thing I’m trying to work with Megan on is weaning her out of her father’s wallet. She’s got to break out of the cocoon she’s in and enter into the “real world.”