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iPod Christmas

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

The hottest Christmas items seemed to have found their way to our house this year. Jeff got his XBox 360 – it wasn’t a Christmas present per se just one of the hot items. I gave Jeff an iPod Shuffle so he could have something lightweight to listen to while riding his motorcycle. After figuring out which port on his computer was the powered port we got him hooked up and he was busy learning how to add music to it. He gave me a 60GB iPod – now I’m busy adding songs to mine. I can also add photos but I haven’t started trying to do that yet. Megan got the Donkey Konga bongos and video games she asked for. She also got more pink to add to her wardrobe – she loves all things pink!

Megan has had an iPod for a while now, so she has been helping us with ours. Even Jeff’s boss got one for Christmas. What an interesting Playlist I have – of course there’s my The Phantom Of The Opera Soundtrack (the 2 disk version), All Over The World – The Very Best Of Electric Light Orchestra, various Beatles albums, then there’s are a bunch of singles – Daniel, White Flag, I Hope You Dance, Bumper Of My SUV… Megan got me listening to Green Day. Hmmmm, I think there is a Rob Zombie song or two that I need to add. Yes, I listen to Rob Zombie … go figure. I’ve always had an eclectic taste in music – blame it on AFN (Armed Forces Network). I really need to get Megan to start titling the CD’s she burns for me.

Well, I have the orange juice and champagne in the fridge ready to make Mimosa’s. Think we should get the DDR and the Karaoke Revolution going for New Year’s Eve but 7AM Mass will come awfully early.

Karaoke Birthday

Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

Still enjoying the “Mom-Mode” with Megan here. Jeff’s been working part time at an EB Games in the mall. I almost think that it’s worse than letting a kid loose in a candy store, but it’s had a very fun side to it. We had started off with a knock-off version of the Dance Dance Revolution game pad – to say the least Megan can’t dance. Next Jeff brought home Guitar Hero – a video game but with a guitar that you have to play along to songs in the game. What a hoot! Then Jeff brought home the genuine Dance Dance Revolution with “real” music in it. On the DDR game disk was a demo for Karaoke Revolution Party – it had a couple of songs that we goofed around with.

So for my birthday, Jeff gives me Karaoke Revolution Party (I hope I have the name right) along with two Beanie Baby Christmas bears. I should take pictures of all my Beanie Baby bears. So for my birthday I decided we would do Karaoke ala the XBox. I’m not sure what time we started – it was right after dinner – I just know we quit at 11 that night when my voice was so hoarse. I’m not sure what time Kelley called but we were well into singing when she did. We also made Gingerbread cookies.

The cookies were from dough (ala my hero the Doughboy) that we were going to use to make a Gingerbread house. After a trip to Michael’s we found Wilton’s ULTIMATE (that translates into 10 pounds of sugar) Gingerbread House kit and Gingerbread Tree Kit. We’ve decide to use the dough to make cookies for the Youth Bowling League Christmas party this coming Saturday.

Saturday will be a jam-packed day – coaching the little kids in the morning and their Christmas party, then the filling of the paper bags with sand and candles to be lit that night for Santa On The Roof! Santa has a few new decorations in his yard that I will have to get pictures of. Seems we have taken a liking to the inflatable decorations this year too. We have the huge snow globe, Santa on a motorcycle and now an elevated Santa in a sleigh with 2 Reindeer. Okay, I know I need to get pictures of all this.

So, so much to say – just not enough time to type.