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Another month gone.

Tuesday, September 20th, 2005

This month went by too fast. At least I got to share part of it with Megan. She had gotten sick and run down after getting a sinus infection, so Dr. Mom stepped in and said it would be best if she came and stayed with us. What had happened was she wasn’t eating properly due to a combination of the medications she was taking and she got tired, dizzy and very weak.

Her stay this time was by far the best one we have had with her. She was a huge help taking care of the house and did a great job while I was in San Diego for a conference. She and Jeff got along so well – I don’t think they can een begin to realize how much that means to me.

I did a photo “documentary” of the Miva Conference in San Diego – just a lot of people shots – even got mentioned (again) on the Miva website:

Conference Photos

I really enjoyed San Deigo – although I didn’t see much of it. It’s a place I would love to live at – if I could afford it.

As for the server move – it’s taken over six weeks to get everything moved and reconfigured. I’m feeling like the move was more a hostile takeover more than anything else.