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You know when…

Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

You know when you are falling behind when you get an email from your
daughter telling you that you have not updated your website. Megan
sent me an email asking me if I knew I hadn’t updated my site since
the end of June. I think she forgot all that was going on during that
time. I had just gotten back from the UT Alumni Leadership Conference
in Knoxville (where we were surrounded by Honda motorcycles at the
Honda Hoot). Then I started getting ready for the weekend back in TN.
I took a half day off on Friday the 1st just to get packed – since I
decided I was going to take our smoker grill with us to cook ribs.

We stayed with Jeff best friend Chris and his family. It was an
“interesting” weekend to say the least. They’ve done a complete 180
degree turn around since joining a small local church. Jeff has been
having on going discussions with Chris about the Catholic Church – at
least he doesn’t think the pope is the anti-Christ anymore. We left
with the feeling that the preacher of this little church is sucking
them dry financially.

Then Tuesday – July 5th (my mom’s birthday) I picked up Megan so she
could spend two weeks with us. Since I didn’t get to spend any time
with her the last time she came down (right when the Pope died), I
promised her I would take the week off with her. We had scheduled to
get pictures taken at Sears on the 8th. So we went all over the place
finding shoes and clothes for the pictures. We also had talks about
finishing high school and thinking about college. She had talked about
wanting to move back to Alabama because her friend Jason lives here. I
had to remind her that he is planning on going away to college so
wanting to move somewhere just because one person was here wasn’t
really a good reason. We had talks about initiative and not doing just
the bare minimums and finding things to get involved in outside the
four walls of the apartment her father leaves her at.

We had the pleasure of Hurricane Dennis’ company while she was here –
we got a lot of rain and it rained for days. But all in all we faired
Dennis better than Ivan.

Megan was here when Jeff bought his motorcycle. He tried to talk her
into signing up for the training course. The motorcycle her father
bought her – a Harley 1200 Custom – is just too big for her – heck she
can’t even drive a car yet. Her motorcycle is bigger than Jeff’s. I
personally think it’s the stupidest thing her father ever got her –
maybe if he just spent more time with her instead spending money on

But any who, Jeff is taking his time getting comfortable riding his
motorcycle. I’ve been doing battle with an associate that took it upon
himself to work up a new server deal after I just upgraded the server
I have. And I’m trying to stay out of the line of fire at the day job.

I need to get the latest pictures of the flower garden up and pictures
of Jeff’s motorcycle. I need more hours in the day…